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Intuitive Recon gets its name from the merging of both the military use of remote viewing with its rich twenty year intel history and also its thirteen year use in the civilian world with its different set of real world applications.

Intuitive Recon is a group of consultant Intuitives from all corners of the globe. These are coordinated by Daz Smith in the United Kingdom.

Daz, a long time UK based civilian Remote Viewer with over eleven years of training and experience, is trained in the military method of Remote Viewing called CRV and before this he took many years of training in classical intuitive techniques.

Daz has two Remote Viewing websites: www.remoteviewed.com where you can find many examples of his intuitive skills and a complete history of Remote Viewing including official CIA & DIA documents and his blog - www.cosmicspoon.com/blog. He can often be found online in many of the Remote Viewing discussion forums.

We use the well documented and researched skill of Remote Viewing. Remote viewing was developed and researched by the U.S. Military, the CIA and the DIA for over twenty years, to the tune of over twenty million dollars. It was used time and time again in operations involving; spying, intelligence gathering, recon, counter narcotics, prediction of future events, decision making and so much more. (A small selection of the avaiable 89,000 Freedom of Information docments about the CIA and Military remote viewing program can be viewed on Daz's site - here).

With its release into the cilivian sector in 1996 this allowed Remote viewing to be adapted and further developed with many schools and methods being created and new avenues being explored for its everyday use.

Intuitive Recon uses the consultancy services of many of the most prolific and respected civilian Remote Viewers to complement and create project teams to get to the heart of your needs.

Remote Viewing allows us to provide you with Intuitive services that are not limited by time, space or location. Our team can look forwards, and backwards in time and go anywhere in the universe - there are no walls, structures or hindrances to the attention of an accomplished remote viewer.

All you need to ask is - what do you need to know?

Your project will first be appraised to see if Intuitive services can offer a solution to your needs. Once this has been done and if we see our services being able to help with your goals we will assign a project manager to organise and get you the best results from our Intuitive's. The final results of all this work will be compiled into a professional full report for you to do with as you wish.

All our work is professional and confidential.

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Intuitive Recon - Intuitive services