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Missing persons, lost objects and things



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What do you need to know?



Intuitive Recon offers a wide range of confidential Intuitive consultancy services to suit your personal or professional needs. Our teams of professional Intuitives or Remote Viewers are experienced in many situations including;

  • Question answering

  • Exploration or Reconnaissance

  • Investigations

  • Searches

Some of the common project themes we have looked at and have experience in include: missing persons, business and personnel decisions, business or technology futures, causes of an events & predictions, and descriptions of objects, people and events both in the past and in the future.

There are many reasons why an Intuitive can help in the business world. From helping to make a decision on new staff appointments to looking at future products and trends, to competition directions or just basic 'physical' business needs like where to dig or locate. The list is endless and our services are malleable to your needs.

There are also many uses for an Intuitive consultant in your personal life; would this house be a good buy, is my partner cheating, would this be a good job to take, is this share price going to drop, how/where should I place my investments and many, many more needs that a competent team of Intuitives can answer and help you with.

Pro bono or Humanitarian projects
Intuitive Recon's members have in the past worked on many humanitarian projects including confidential and sensitive projects involving missing persons. We endeavor to help in many of these projects if and when our resources allow us to do so. If you feel you have a requirement that fits as a Humanitarian project then please contact us through the contact page.

Intuitive Recon is involved in many research & test projects including;

  • Event outcomes & predictions,

  • Medical Remote Viewing,

  • Future predictions

  • Employment consultancy.

Whatever your need, feel free to contact us and discuss any options. Remote viewing is a skill that is still being developed and adapted to all different kinds of applications by the civilian Intuitives.

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