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  Intuive Recon - can supply that piece of the puzzle that is missing  

Enclosed are some of the testimonials and comments the Inuitives Recon team have recieved.


"Daz has worked on operational projects with me in the past.  I found his session work to be highly accurate, thorough and complimented by sketches that were eerily similar to photos of the target site.  Daz is unparalleled in his devotion to RV, its history and the dissemination of its truthful and relevant information.  A seasoned operational viewer, he continues to study in order to keep his talent and skill in top shape.  He was one of the few remote viewers I was glad to have on my 'short list' when clients called.  Definitely one of the 'good guys'."  

C. D. Marenich, CRV Project Manager, Canada


"It has been an honor to work with you.
You have become a truly gifted, professional, and skilled remote viewer."

Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Director The Farsight Institute


"Whenever we setup any Remote Projects there is always one port of call, Daz Smith.
Not only a consistent remote viewer,
but Daz is a wealth of knowledge in regard to operations, project management and remote viewing methodology. He has been instrumental in assisting with our medical remote viewing work and UK-RV group, and in our experience is one of the leading remote viewers in the field."

Andrew Usher - DHP, MAPHP, DIhom(Pract), MHMA, FBIH
UK Remote Viewing (UK-RV)


Having tasked him on non-operational projects and contracted him for operational targets, I know Daz to be reliable, incredibly accurate and innovative, truly among the best viewers working - ex-military or civilian - period.


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